Society in progress

– Moyo Mmoja assistance programs

Moyo Mmoja offer services to the local community of Bagamoyo District. The services include assistance to disadvantaged women in care of children, abandoned and other disadvantaged children and young people as well as support for vocational training and education.

This is assistance with an underlying perspective of local and regional development. Besides the improved living conditions made possible for each single participant – our objectives also include to participate effectively and result-oriented to development in a larger scale in Bagamoyo District.

We believe that structural and economical development must be done at all levels in a society at once. Our effort is at grass roots level – fighting poverty by assisting the most vulnerable and enable them to reach a better, more sustainable level of living.

With our focus on a right-based approach to societal and economical development – on ground level – we strive to meet the major goals of securing both the community’s knowledge about fundamental rights and as far as we can manage the fulfillment of these right for the most disadvantaged in our community

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