Moyo Mmoja Guesthouse

You are most welcome to spend a night, some days – weeks or months at our cozy budget Guesthouse.

All profit goes to the organization’s programs.

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Moyo Mmoja Guesthouse is open for all and a variety of people from all over the world live here in the shorter and longer periods of time. This is often students, volunteers, backpackers and regular tourists. A great advantage is that the house has a good kitchen where you can make your own food bought at the market and in the small shops in the town centre. If you want to eat out the friendly and helpful staff can show you the best small dining places with local food – or the hotels along the beach.

The Guesthouse is located on a small airy hill approx. 5 min from the town centre of Bagamoyo. In addition to the main house’s three bedrooms with double beds, two bathrooms, kitchen, large living room and a porch, we have a smaller house with two bedrooms with double beds and shared kitchen and bathroom. The Guesthouse also has a small, funny and nice traditional cabin with double bed that many guests enjoy living in. All rooms have fans and mosquito nets and we provide bed linen and towles. The price is only +/- US$ 15 -20 per night depending on the type of rooms, the number of people in the room and the length of your stay. We can also arrange for pick-up at the airport or other locations in Dar es Salaam.

Bagamoyo is a quiet, small town with historic roots. In the old days it was an important trading town with its strategic harbour along Africas east coast. It also used to be were the slaves taken from inland Africa were keept before sent to the slave market in Zanzibar – and then to the Middle East and India. There is small a museum in Bagamoyo located at the old Catholic mission grounds and there are memorials from both Stanley and Livingstone. It was from Bagamoyo these guys traveled inland to «discover» Africa and to find the source of the Nile. Bagamoyo was the capital of the colony of German East Africa, and many buildings still exist from the time. Well worh a visit is also the sandy beach of Bagamoyo (with and without the fancy hotels).

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