School & Training Program:

The program supports young women for either secondary schooling and higher education – or vocational training in Moyo Mmoja’s own vocational training centers for design, sewing, production and basic business skills. (Due to lack of financing this program is on hold in 2016)

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.Outreach program:

The program supports individual children and vulnerable women with responsibilities for children in Bagamoyo District. The service includes schooling arrangements, health care, improved nutrition when sick or in period of breast feeding  and other basic necessities for women and children in dire need. The program is coordinated together with Bagamoyo Districts office for Social Welfare.



Family Homes:

The program gives a good and caring homes for most vulnerable children (MVC) in need of special attention due to family background. Moyo Mmoja have three such homes in Bagamoyo. Information is withheld due to the integrity of the children.